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Unique Art Collection

of 4500 Nio Walker NFTs.
Including rare 1/1
pieces from talented NFT artists.


Introducing $WOMP, the lifeblood of our NFT universe, deeply rooted in the lore of our captivating art. Just as the Nio Walkers relied on the mystical ‘womp’ to fend off the relentless Zarg bugs invading their home planet, $WOMP powers our community’s vibrant ecosystem. While it may not be your typical cryptocurrency, $WOMP is far from ordinary. With no liquidity added intentionally, it’s exclusively reserved for our raffles and community events, making it a coveted and rare resource. As we journey together, we’re excited to explore possibilities, including the potential for liquidity addition in the future. Embrace the power of $WOMP and be part of a community where art, legend, and innovation converge.

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